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Born in Spokane, Washington in 1971, I had a love of drawing and painting at an early age. My family encouraged and suggested I follow this path. I went on to study architecture, advertising, fine arts, and graphic design while attending Washington State University between 1989 and 1993. I spent a short time in the advertising industry only to find that I much more enjoyed my art and creativity for myself rather than in a “packaged” and “generic” arena.  I chose to keep my passion for art a personal hobby.


I moved to Burien, Washington in 2003 and I have come to consider it and the community my home. Burien is a wonderful city with a vibrant “small town” appeal. I have once again begun to create and enjoy my paintings and would like to share my creations with you!


I could not have been more honored to be asked to present my work here at Osteria da Primo. The restaurant is owned and operated by my wonderful close friends Carlo Guida and Lindsay White. They have supported me throughout this process and I thank them for this opportunity.


As you enjoy my art you will notice that I do not name my pieces. I do this in great part due to my belief that each person creates his or her own reality while looking at any painting. Art can speak in so many different ways, and on so many different levels. My art is also not necessarily meant to be hung in the way you see them displayed here today. You may see them hung in a different manner in your own home or office. This also adds to the personal experience one may feel from my art.


All of my pieces are one of a kind and not duplicated. They are all created using the finest acrylic paints and mediums including gels and gesso. All pieces are done on professional grade wrapped canvas and are finished with a UV protective varnish.


Thank you to my Family, Friends and Buyers who have supported me in my love of art.



Brad E. McNeice