i Dolci



Dolci- Subject to change at any time

i Vini di Dessert- Dessert Wines
*Librandi Le Passule- Calabria $9
Our chef’s choice dessert wine

Moscato d’Asti- Piemonte $9
This slightly sweet sparkling white is perfect with a Cannolo or Bomba Tropicale

Vin Santo del Chianti – Toscana $10
From Chainti Classico, we serve this ancient Tuscan dessert wine with cantuccini

Brachetto d’Aqui- Piemonte $10
This sparkling red wine is wonderful with any chocolate or berry dessert, try it with Tortino Vesuvio, Tiramisu

i Dolci- Desserts
Tiramisú- House Specialty $ 6.50

*Bomba Nera- Vanilla & chocolate gelato in a dark chocolate shell with a cherry &
nuts in the middle $ 6.00

*Bomba Bianca- Mango, passion fruit, & raspberry sorbet in a white chocolate shell $ 6.00

*Sorbetto di Limone- Lemon sorbet served in a lemon $ 5.50

*Tartufo Cappuccino- Coffee gelato filled with espresso cream $ 5.50

*Affogato- Tartufo Cappuccino (above) topped with a shot of espresso $ 7.50

*Cannolo Siciliano- Sicilian cannoli filled with ricotta cream $ 5.00
*Spumoni- Real spumoni from Sicily, it’s not green $ 5.50
*Tortino Vesuvio- Molten chocolate cake $ 5.50

*Desserts are imported from Italy*

i Caffé- Featuring Caffé D’Arte Coffee, decaf available
Espresso $ 2.50
Caffé Freddo- Chilled sweet espresso $ 3.00
Caffé Americano- Espresso & Hot Water $ 2.50
Caffé Macchiato- Espresso “marked” with steamed milk $ 3.00
Cappuccino- Espresso with steamed milk and foam $ 4.00